Things to See and Expect in Going Up The Danube Tower Vienna

Looking for something to add to your Austria travel bucket list? Check out the Danube Tower or Donauturm. The Danube Tower is not only the tallest structure in Vienna, but in the whole of Austria!

Soaring to a height of 252 meters (826 feet), this watch tower provides panoramic views of the city that stretch out in all directions. It’s an experience that takes you higher than other popular viewpoints in the city, such as the towers of Stephansdom, the rooftop deck of the Gloriette at Schonbrunn Palace, and the balcony of Karlskirche.

If the weather is great, the Danube Tower is one of my top recommendations for wanderers looking to visit a destination outside of Vienna’s Old Town. I think it’s a great alternative to day trips from Vienna, like Melk Abbey, Salzburg, and the nearby castles of Liechtenstein, Kreuzenstein, and Laxenburg in Lower Austria.

Curious about the view from the Danube Tower? I’ll share it with you right now. You’ll also find some useful information, tips for visiting the Danube Tower, and more!

Author’s Note

Every trip I plan isn’t complete without a visit to a panoramic viewpoint. Looking out over the sweeping views, I feel like a conqueror who has taken the city, or a wanderer who has seen every corner of the place I’m visiting. It’s a rewarding feeling of accomplishment. There’s a slim chance that panoramic views stir the same feelings in you as they do in me. But, if we share this sentiment and you’re visiting Vienna, it is hard to miss the Danube Tower.

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What exactly is Danube Tower?

What exactly is the Danube Tower? Constructed in 1964, the Danube Tower is a prominent landmark in Vienna, known for its observation deck which provides a unique view of the city. It’s not just about the view, though. In addition to its 150-meter-high platform, the Danube Tower features a rotating café and a restaurant, located at 160 meters and 170 meters above ground, respectively. It’s situated in the expansive Danube Park, which enhances its appeal as a place to visit.

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The View


Simply, Danube Tower offers an unparalleled view that no other spot in the city can match. View this gallery of the Danube Tower for a glimpse of the views the tower provides.


On a clear day, your eyes can feast on not only the entire Danube basin but also a panorama that stretches far and wide, reaching the lush Austrian countryside, the city of Bratislava in Slovakia, and even the Carpathian Mountains.

Insights into the view that you can see from Danube Tower

I believe that the view from the Danube Tower is more than just a sight; it’s a chance to appreciate Vienna’s city architecture and its natural surroundings. As you gaze out from this elevated vantage point, you’ll notice the roads curving, merging, and crossing over the river; the Danube River winds and forks through the city.

With the binoculars available at the observation deck, you can spot the city’s famous landmarks scattered across the skyline. There’s the iconic Ferris wheel, a symbol of Vienna’s playful spirit; St. Stephen’s Cathedral, an emblem of its rich history; and Schönbrunn Palace, echoing its regal heritage.

Located near the Vienna International Center, the Danube Tower also provides a pleasing view of the modern buildings in Donaustadt, Vienna’s 22nd district. It offers a vivid contrast to the old town scenery, highlighting the city’s evolution and progress.

Worth Visiting?

Honestly, while the Danube Tower offers an impressive panorama of Vienna, the experience may feel somewhat less striking if you’ve been to other Austrian cities such as Salzburg and Innsbruck, which benefit from their Alpine location. The picturesque views in Innsbruck and the stunning sunrise and sunset spots in Salzburg are likely to have raised your bar of expectations quite high.

The good news is that there’s more to experience at the Danube Tower than just the view. As you may already know, the Danube Tower is where you can enjoy a feast for both your eyes and your palate. Plus, when it’s time to unwind, there’s a perfect spot just for that!

Danube Tower during the Golden Hour, Vienna, Austria
Danube Tower during the Golden Hour
Danube Park, Vienna, Austria
Danube Park

Vienna is known for its iconic coffee culture, and at the Danube Tower’s ‘Turmcafé,’ you can partake in this tradition. They serve up traditional Viennese coffee specialties and a delightful selection of classic warm coffeehouse treats. Imagine savoring your special brew as you enjoy the changing view while the restaurant slowly revolves – doesn’t that sound like a wonderful idea?

Turmcafé of Danube Tower, Vienna, Austria
Turmcafé of Danube Tower

And if you’re looking for a truly special dining experience, the Danube Tower is also the place to go. You can enjoy delicious dishes and specialties from Vienna and other regions that were once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, such as Bohemia, Hungary, and Moravia. All this while admiring the stunning views from 170 meters above the ground.

View from the restaurant of Danube Tower, Vienna, Austria
View from the restaurant of Danube Tower

By the way, did you know that you can also discover something new about Vienna in the Danube Tower? You can also learn more about the attractions in Vienna that you can see from the Danube Tower. Just check out the interactive panorama screens on the observation deck at 150 meters. They have all the information you may need which you might find interesting for the rest of your trip.

View from the observation deck of Danube Tower, Vienna, Austria
View from the observation deck of Danube Tower

Before or after seeing the Danube Tower, you can also explore the Danube Park. It’s a lovely park that is adjacent to the tower. The park is clean and modern; it’ll invite you to walk and relax. Here lies some of the beautiful photo opportunities with the tower. You can look for an angle that frames the tower with the trees, or take a picture of the tower’s reflection on the pond for a more striking shot.

Danube Tower seen from Danube Park, Vienna, Austria
Danube Tower seen from Danube Park

Best Time to Visit

Have you decided to visit Danube Tower? Check out my two tips.

When is the best month to visit Danube Tower?

No matter what season it is, the Danube Tower offers a spectacular panorama of the city and beyond. But if you want to see something really amazing, visit in the fall when the landscape is lit up with golden hues from the changing leaves.

Just a heads up: March is the month when the Danube Tower does its upkeep, since not many people visit then. You might not be able to access the tower (or some parts of it) during that time, so make sure to visit the Danube Tower’s official website for the latest news.

The link is in the resources section of this post.

On the other hand, if you’re visiting during the busy season and want to dine at the Danube Tower’s restaurant or café, be sure to book a table in advance! The Danube Tower is one of Vienna’s top attractions and seating is limited.

What time of the day should you visit Danube Tower?

You should try to get to the Danube Tower at least an hour before sunset. That way, you can have two amazing experiences: admire the views of Vienna in the golden hour and gaze at the city lights after nightfall. You can also treat yourself to dinner during the sunset hours to make your visit more memorable and special.

It’s a great way to end your day! But if you’re just interested in the views, you can visit the Danube Tower any time, unless the weather is bad and the visibility is poor.

Getting to the Tower

Even though Danube Tower is outside Old Town Vienna, it is very straightforward to get to Danube Tower, especially if you have access to the Blue Line of the Vienna Sightseeing Hop-on Hop-off Bus. The bus has a stop for the tower, which is close by.

This is the preferable way if you do not like driving or walking for several minutes, which would be the case if you used public transportation. You can click here to learn more about the bus tour, such as how much it costs, when it runs, and where it goes.

The Hop-on Hop-off bus in Vienna is a great way to see the city, but be aware of the bus schedule when you book your ticket. The last bus comes by around 6:00 pm (depending on the season), which might be too early if you have a dinner reservation. 

Remember: the sunset in Vienna during the summer is around 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Some tourists who ride the hop-on hop-off bus to the Danube Tower for dinner decide to use an Uber to go back to their hotels after enjoying their night visit and food at the tower. Well, it’s not hard to see why: you have to walk for 20 minutes to get to the closest subway station, Alte Donau station, which is on the U1 Line, from the Danube Tower.

There’s an alternative option of getting to Danube Tower which is also preferable if you want to visit the Danube Tower in the morning, noon, or afternoon. Take route: Ride the U1 line to VIC/Kaisermühlen station or Alte Donau station, or ride the U6 line to Neue Donau station. Then, catch the bus line 20A to Donauturm station.

Going Up the Tower

Getting to the top of the Danube Tower in Vienna is easy and straightforward.

Landmark sign of Danube Tower and its replica, Vienna, Austria
Landmark sign of Danube Tower and its replica
The ceiling view of Danube Tower’s elevator, Vienna, Austria
The ceiling view of Danube Tower’s elevator

When you enter the building, you’ll see the front desk where you can pay for your ticket. Get your skip-the-line tickets to Danube Tower here. If you have a Vienna Pass, you don’t need to pay, but you still need to get the barcodes from the front desk.

The barcodes will grant you access to the turnstiles, which are close to the elevator. For a more comfortable visit, you can store your bags in the lockers of the  Danube Tower. They only cost 1 Euro to rent.

You might have to wait a little bit during the peak season, since there are only two elevators that go up and down the tower. But don’t worry, they’re super fast. You can see where the elevators are on the screens next to the elevator doors. The elevator has a glass ceiling, so you can watch how quickly it zooms up the tower. It only takes 35 seconds to get to the middle floor or the observation deck, the last time I checked.

Visiting Information

If you are planning to visit the Danube Tower, you should know the following information before you go. Here’s where you can check the current price of the skip-the-line entrance ticket to the Danube Tower. Please don’t forget to check the official website of Danube Tower for the latest news and announcements, linked at the resources section of this post.

  • The Viewing Platform of Danube Tower is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm The last ascent is at 9:45 pm and the last descent is at 10:15 pm
  • The Restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday, but open from Wednesday to Sunday and on public holidays. You can have lunch from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm or dinner from 6:00 pm to 10:15 pm. You need to make a reservation for lunch or dinner, and choose from the following time slots:
    • Lunch: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm or 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
    • Dinner: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • The Café is open from Monday to Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and from Saturday to Sunday and on public holidays, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. You can enjoy a coffeehouse service with cakes, pastries, snacks, and beverages, or a brunch on weekends and holidays.

Spending time in the Danube Tower is pretty straightforward: all you have to do is get there, ascend, admire the scenery, and maybe treat yourself to a meal or a drink. The observation deck alone won’t take more than an hour of your time, but if you also want to eat or drink at the tower’s restaurant, you’ll need about two hours. don’t forget to factor in some extra time for queueing, checking out the telescopes and information screens on the observation deck, and snapping some photos.


Are you ready to experience the Danube Tower for yourself? I hope this mini guide has given you a glimpse of the Danube Tower and its attractions. For more information, please check out the links below

If you’re visiting the Danube Tower and staying in Vienna for a few days, here’s a link where you can find the best hotel deals. It leads to my partner’s hotel search and booking platform, which I highly trust and actually consider my favorite tool. Please note that the link is an affiliate link, and if you book a hotel through it, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Your support is a significant contribution to WanderInEurope, enabling us to continue creating guides that will be of assistance to you in the future. Thank you for your support!

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If the weather doesn’t permit you to visit the Danube Tower, don’t worry. Vienna offers plenty of indoor attractions that you’ll surely enjoy. They’re absolutely stunning. For instance, consider the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Museum of Military History. Additionally, Vienna’s amazing palaces house excellent indoor attractions. Explore the artworks at Belvedere Palace, various exhibits in the Imperial Palace, and the royal rooms and carriages at Schönbrunn PalacePeterskirche, the city’s architectural marvels along Ringstrasse, and some little gems in Old Town Vienna are also worth checking.

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