7 Picturesque Views in Innsbruck (With Google Maps Links)

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Nestled deep within the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is the city to visit for a blend of experiences that include outdoor adventures, breathtaking views, and beautiful cultural discoveries. As a wanderer, it has everything I’m looking for in a destination — that’s why I like it so much. Why not take a little peek at Innsbruck’s highlights and top experiences? I bet you’ll totally see what I’m so excited about!

Anyway, the picture-perfect views of Innsbruck are a huge part of why I’m so drawn to it. Seeing the city’s landmarks with towering snow-capped mountains in the backdrop fulfills my longing for beauty — the kind of beauty that makes all my worries melt away! Wait… can you see the mountains from the city? Absolutely! That’s another thing Innsbruck offers.

In fact, some of the most picturesque views can be found right in the heart of the city — in the Old Town. Take a stroll through Old Town Innsbruck, and you’ll find stunning views just around the corner. When I explored Innsbruck, I was amazed by the mountain views that were literally just a few steps away from town highlights like Hofburg, Innsbruck Cathedral, and Court Church! There’s even more panoramic scenery waiting on the city’s outskirts, like the views near the romantic fairytale-like Ambras Castle.

However, it’s worth noting that if you’ve visited Mount Pilatus near Lucerne or Lauterbrunnen within the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland, you should adjust your expectations. Some views from Innsbruck are stunning, but they might not be as jaw-dropping as the views from those places in Switzerland I mentioned.

Even so, the different viewpoints in Innsbruck have a unique charm that will still definitely please your eyes and inspire you to snap so many photos. At the same time, some of the viewpoints in Innsbruck feature the city’s architecture, which makes the city even more wander-worthy! Now, let me show you my top 7 viewpoints in Innsbruck (in this order: viewpoints in the Old Town -> Outskirts -> Mountains.)

SUMMARY | In my opinion, here are the most scenic, most charming, and most iconic views in Innsbruck:
  1. Most scenic: Top of Innsbruck, Tirol Panorama Museum Pavilion, and Emile-Béthouart-Steg. These picturesque places are the best for taking in the different beautiful natural scenery of the city.
  2. Most charming: Maria-Theresien-Straße and Herzog-Friedrich-Straße. Come to these streets if you love wandering along vibrant streets with colorful houses and gorgeous buildings. These streets are also the busiest in Innsbruck, offering a wide selection of restaurants and cafes.
  3. Most iconic: Innsbruck Colorful Houses and Golden Roof. These two places in Innsbruck are unmissable for taking a selfie and capturing a photo souvenir.

#1 The Elaborate Houses Along Maria-Theresien-Straße Near Annasäule

Picture-perfect view of the colorful buildings along Maria-Theresien-Strasse with Nordkette in the backdrop in Old Town Innsbruck, Austria
Picture-perfect view of the colorful buildings along Maria-Theresien-Strasse with Nordkette in the backdrop in Old Town Innsbruck
More information about Maria-Theresien-Straße + photography and sightseeing tips

In search of capturing beautiful scenes through your lenses, the first place you can easily reach upon arriving in Innsbruck by train is Maria-Theresien-Straße (street). This nearly 500-meter-long street is adorned with picturesque buildings that fill the street with a colorful ambiance. From the south, it starts with Innsbruck’s Triumphal Arch, which is only a 5 to 7-minute walk away from the train station.

Maria-Theresien-Straße is renowned for several reasons. One of these reasons is its delightful atmosphere, which invites people to hang out and wander around. The street’s main appeal lies in its centuries-old buildings, some dating back to the Baroque period, and the scenic view of the mountains towering above the colorful facades. These factors combine to create an irresistible allure that makes you want to stay and explore.

Maria-Theresien-Straße offers three prominent landmarks that can serve as beautiful subjects for your photographs on this street. In addition to the Triumphal Arch, you’ll also find Annasäule and Spitalkirche. Especially when it is sunny, these three landmarks will appear gorgeously with the majestic mountains in the backdrop.

While these landmarks are the main attractions of Maria-Theresien-Straße, don’t overlook the buildings that line the street. Their colorful and intricate facades are sure to catch your photographer’s instinct. Particularly noteworthy are the buildings located at the intersections of Maria-Theresien-Straße with Meranerstraße and Anichstraße. Their exact locations are indicated on the map included in my Innsbruck Old Town self guided tour.

If you’re interested, feel free to step inside any of the two- or three-level shops, where you can gain a unique perspective of Maria-Theresien-Straße and the vibrant buildings that surround it. You can check this private tour with a local guide for insightful wandering in Old Town Innsbruck.

#2 The Photogenic View Of The Golden Roof During The Golden Hour

The golden hour shot of the photogenic Golden Roof in Old Town Innsbruck, Austria
The golden hour shot of the photogenic Golden Roof in Old Town Innsbruck
More Information about the Golden Roof + sightseeing and photography tips

As you continue north along Maria-Theresien-Straße, you’ll find yourself getting closer to romantic spots and even more charming places in Innsbruck. In fact, one of these locations can already be seen at the northern end of Maria-Theresien-Straße, just before entering the historic center—the area that was once enclosed by medieval town walls.

This notable spot is none other than the Golden Roof, an oriel with a balcony that stands as the most famous landmark in Innsbruck. Today, many consider the Golden Roof the symbol of the city. The splendid appearance of the Golden Roof alone justifies its picturesque characteristics. With its 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles, symbolic reliefs, and colorful frescoes, it creates a unique sight that is perfect for capturing a memorable photo souvenir in Innsbruck.

Witnessing the Golden Roof is a must, especially when the sun shines brightly above the city. It is during these moments that the roof gleams with a golden light, symbolizing Innsbruck’s rich heritage.

Did you know that the Golden Roof dates back to the time when Innsbruck held the prestigious status of being the center of the Holy Roman Empire? Emperor Maximilian I, one of Europe’s most notable historical figures, commissioned the creation of the Golden Roof as a tribute to his wedding with Bianca Maria Sforza.

If you’re interested in discovering the brief history of the Golden Roof and learning more about the fascinating frescoes and reliefs that adorn it, here’s a mini guide in visiting the Golden Roof.

When you visit the Golden Roof, you can simply approach its facade to admire its symbolic details up close. For another perspective of the Golden Roof, you can climb the City Tower or Stadtturm, which is located just a few steps away. By ascending to Stadtturm’s viewing deck, you’ll enjoy an elevated view of the Golden Roof, making it a fantastic spot to capture the intricate details of the roof’s glittering tiles with a powerful camera.

However, it’s worth noting that while the view from the tower’s deck towers above the houses in the Old Town of Innsbruck, it offers more than just a sight of the Golden Roof. To discover the full experience of Stadtturm and the breathtaking views it provides of the Old Town, check out my virtual tour of Innsbruck City Tower. You can check the price of an entry ticket to Innsbruck City Tower here.

#3 Herzog-Friedrich-Straße’s Picture Perfect View From Innbrück Side

View of Ottoburg, Goldener Adler, and Golden Roof from the picture-perfect street of Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse in Old Town Innsbruck, Austria
View of Ottoburg, Goldener Adler, and Golden Roof from the picture-perfect street of Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse in Old Town Innsbruck
Everthing you need to know about Herzog-Friedrich-Straße + photography tips + gems to see and more!

As you enter the historic center of Innsbruck after exploring Maria-Theresien-Straße, you will be stepping into Herzog-Friedrich-Straßeanother picturesque street in the city and the very street where you can find the Golden Roof and the entrance to Stadtturm.

Similar to Maria-Theresien-Straße, the charm of Herzog-Friedrich-Straße lies in the presence of stunning buildings that line both sides of the street. Imagine yourself standing in front of the Golden Roof, and as you turn to face left, the buildings that come into view are, in my opinion, the most breathtaking in all of Innsbruck.

One of these remarkable buildings is the Helbling House, which will undoubtedly catch your attention immediately after your first glimpse of the Golden Roof. Many consider Helbling House to be the most beautiful building in Innsbruck, thanks to its elaborate Rococo stucco decoration, resembling intricate icing on a cake adorning its facade. Take a closer look at this corner building to experience the eye-pleasing sensation that arises from observing its various architectural elements: shells, masks, bows, and many more.

When I first laid eyes on the Helbling House, I was astonished, and my jaw dropped! You may very well have a similar reaction!

Continuing along the street to the left of the Golden Roof, still on Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, you will come across a few more buildings that are worth capturing with your camera. One that is bound to catch your eye is Gasthof Goldener Adler, boasting the most stunning facade adorned with beautiful frescoes in all of Innsbruck.

What makes Gasthof Goldener Adler even more notable is its significant place in history. It is said that Andreas Hofer, the esteemed National Hero of Tyrol, addressed the people of Innsbruck from this very location after successfully reclaiming the city from Bavarian Napoleon troops.

Overall, despite being shorter than Maria-Theresien-Straße, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße offers plenty of photo opportunities as well. However, if you’re seeking a truly picture-worthy viewing angle, make sure to proceed to the western end of Herzog-Friedrich-Straße near the Inn River. From that vantage point, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking view of the Golden Roof alongside the magnificent Gasthof Goldener Adler and other vibrant, colorful buildings.

#4 Iconic Innsbruck Colorful Houses’ Picturesque View From Marktplatz

The most iconic and picturesque Innsbruck Colorful Houses with Nordkette Mountain Range, seen from Marktplatz in Old Town Innsbruck, Austria
The most iconic and picturesque Innsbruck Colorful Houses with Nordkette Mountain Range, seen from Marktplatz in Old Town Innsbruck
Where’s the best view of the colorful houses of Innsbruck? (Photography tip!)

Emerging from Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, you immediately catch sight of the colorful houses of Innsbruck, situated on the opposite side of the Inn River. These houses are among the most photographed landmarks in Innsbruck, representing the city not only in various travel brochures but also on the Internet!

Nestled beside the Inn River with the majestic mountains as a backdrop, they truly epitomize Innsbruck’s character. These colorful houses in Innsbruck offer travelers a glimpse of what awaits them: the picturesque Inn River, stunning architecture, and the awe-inspiring Alps. Given the iconic scenery, including these vibrant houses, it’s easy to understand why they make for a fantastic spot to take a selfie and capture a lasting memory of your visit to Innsbruck.

Where’s the best spot to photograph Innsbruck’s colorful houses?

Although you can already spot the colorful houses from Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, it takes a minute or two of walking to reach Marktplatz, which offers the best vantage point for photographing these colorful houses. Marktplatz is also home to restaurants that provide this iconic view, complete with alfresco seating where you can relax, indulge your senses, and savor both the beauty before your eyes and the delectable delights for your palate.

#5 Tranquil View Of Innsbruck From Emile-Béthouart-Steg Bridge

A picturesque view of the town and Nordkette from Emile-Béthouart-Steg in Old Town Innsbruck, Austria
A picturesque view of the town and Nordkette from Emile-Béthouart-Steg in Old Town Innsbruck
Where is Emile-Béthouart-Steg Bridge? + photographs tips

In addition to the captivating view of Innsbruck’s colorful houses from Marktplatz, the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge offers another picturesque vantage point along the Inn River. This pedestrian bridge, located downstream from Innbrück, is just a 10-minute walk from Marktplatz.

The view from Emile-Béthouart-Steg shares similarities with the colorful house view from Marktplatz.

Facing northwest from the eastern banks of the River Inn, you’ll be treated to a sight that characterizes Innsbruck: charming buildings, the flowing Inn River below, and the majestic snow-capped Alps in the background. Notable among the buildings visible from the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge is the Tyrolean Vocational School of Saint Nicholas and the Church of Saint Nicholas, which undoubtedly enhance the picturesque scene from the bridge.

In addition to these structures, the bridge itself is a visual appeal. The railings of the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge create two leading lines that draw attention to the beautiful buildings and the mountains, serving as the focal points of your photographs. For an incredible shot, position yourself at the eastern end of the bridge and find a balanced angle.

However, beyond its picturesque qualities, the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge holds a romantic charm, attracting couples seeking a memorable moment together. The locks attached to the meshed railings of the bridge serve as a testament to the numerous promises of love made in this very spot over the years.

#6 The Picturesque Pavilion Of Tirol Panorama Museum

Picturesque view of the pavilion of Tirol Panorama Museum with Nordkette in the backdrop, Innsbruck, Austria
Picturesque view of the pavilion of Tirol Panorama Museum with Nordkette in the backdrop
Where is the picturesque pavilion + more information about Tirol Panorama Museum

While Stadtturm offers a 360-degree panorama of Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains, it is preferable to visit higher elevated areas in Innsbruck for truly breathtaking panoramic scenery. With a viewing deck standing at only 30 meters high, the views from Stadtturm are not quite as awe-inspiring. Also, the presence of a protective metal mesh net on Stadtturm limits visitors from capturing panoramic photos effectively.

So, where should you go in Innsbruck to capture a picture-perfect panoramic view?

If you find yourself visiting the tourist attractions in Bergisel, the hilly area located south of the city, the pavilion of the Tirol Panorama Museum (full name: Tirol Panorama with the Museum of the Imperial Infantry) is the ideal spot to enjoy breathtaking views for free. Once you reach the museum, finding the pavilion is a breeze as it is conveniently located behind the Kaiserjägermuseum.

What awaits you at the pavilion is a spectacular panoramic view of Innsbruck, with the majestic Nordkette mountains towering above the city. If you visit during the golden hour, the picturesque panorama of Innsbruck will leave you inspired not only to take photographs but also to capture stunning time-lapse videos. You will be amazed by the enchanting scene at dusk as daylight fades from the sky and the city lights begin to twinkle below.

By the way, if you have an interest in history, you will also appreciate the fascinating discoveries awaiting you inside the Tirol Panorama Museum. Here’s everything you need to know about Tirol Panorama Museum.

#7 The Breathtaking Overlooking View From The Top Of Innsbruck (Hafelekar)

The spectacular overlooking view of Innsbruck from Nordette (zoomed in shot), Innsbruck, Austria
The spectacular overlooking view of Innsbruck from Nordette (zoomed in shot)
What to expect in visiting Nordkette and Hafelekar + everything you need to know

Travelers in search of the most breathtaking view in Innsbruck can fulfill their quest at Nordkette. It is within this mountain range that Innsbruck’s highest viewing point, Hafelekar, is situated. Towering at 2,334 meters, Hafelekar offers a vantage point elevated thousands of meters above the city, eliminating the need to scan left and right to take in the entire panoramic vista.

From Hafelekar, you can admire not only the beauty of Innsbruck but also behold hundreds of other peaks in the Alps. On a sunny day, you’ll witness a heavenly spectacle, particularly if you’re fortunate enough to encounter a sea of clouds drifting over the Inn Valley. The sights from Hafelekar are undeniably stunning and will surely entice you to capture them in photographs.

Another compelling aspect of visiting Hafelekar is its accessibility. The journey to Hafelekar conveniently begins in the heart of Old Town Innsbruck! And while reaching Hafelekar involves a funicular train ride followed by two cable car rides, the entire travel time is no more than an hour. Once you arrive at Hafelekar, you can kick off hikes to enjoy even more epic views, as it serves as an excellent viewpoint for the rugged peaks of the Karwendel Mountains.

Here’s everything you need to learn about Hafelekar and Nordkette (from getting there to making the most of your visit).

Google Maps Links: Innsbruck’s Picturesque Spots + Tips

And that’s my roundup of the best viewpoints in Innsbruck. To make your trip easier, I’ll share their precise locations so you can locate them effortlessly when you’re in Innsbruck. Feel free to save this post for easy access to this list.

  1. Maria-Theresien-Straße
    1. Meranerstraße (junction)
    2. Anichstraße (junction)
  2. Golden Roof
  3. Herzog-Friedrich-Straße (view of the Gasthof Goldener Adler and Golden Roof)
  4. Marktplatz (view of Innsbruck Colorful Houses)
  5. Emile-Béthouart-Steg Bridge (view of Tyrolean Vocational School of Saint Nicholas and Church of Saint Nicholas) 
  6. Pavilion of Tirol Panorama Museum
  7. Hafelekar


  1. If you’re looking for more photography tips or if you want someone to take stunning photos of you during your trip to Innsbruck, you might consider joining the City Sights and Photo Walking Tour with a Local.
  2. And if you’re aiming to hit as many tourist spots in Innsbruck as you can, the Innsbruck City Card is a real game changer. It’s a major money saver! This card gives visitors one-time entry to various museums and attractions, complimentary access to public transportation on buses and trams, the convenience of a hop-on hop-off bus service, and even cable car rides in Nordkette!

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