Visiting Chapel Bridge in Lucerne (Tips & Expectations)

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While I’m of the opinion that the Jungfrau Region in the Swiss Alps is the place to spend the most time in Switzerland, cities like Bern and Lucerne are also incredible destinations in this compact country. Whether you’re planning a long weekend getaway to Switzerland or a week-long adventure, these two cities should always be at the top of your list.

Particularly Lucerne, it’s a must-see. And that’s for several reasons. Lucerne has a lovely old town perferct for a walking tour, scenic alpine lake scenery for relaxing sightseeing, fantastic extraordinary museums, and more! What sets Lucerne apart from other destinations are its unique attractions like the Lion Monument, Musegg Wall, and of course, the Chapel Bridge. The latter is Lucerne’s famous wooden bridge; it’s Switzerland’s most beautiful medieval bridge and the country’s most iconic landmark. One look at your souvenir photo on this bridge would immediately make your traveler friend say, “Oh! You’ve been to Switzerland? That must have been an amazing trip!”

But Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge is more than just a beautiful landmark in Lucerne or place for selfies and photographs. Visiting the Chapel Bridge is a unique experience, especially when you consider its age and the intriguing artworks inside it. Let me share with you today some of the most important things that you can expect when you visit the Chapel Bridge, as well as tips to make the most of your visit.

In case you’re not yet familiar with Chapel Bridge and its history…

As a wanderer, I see the Chapel Bridge as a compelling reason to visit Lucerne. It is unique. It is historically significant.

Panorama of Chapel Bridge from Rathaussteg (up) and Seebrücke (down) in Lucerne, Switzerland
Panorama of Chapel Bridge from Rathaussteg (up) and Seebrücke (down)

Did you know that this bridge, spanning 204 meters or 672 feet, is Europe’s oldest wooden covered bridge and the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge? The Chapel Bridge dates back to the 14th century, and it’s quite amazing to see it withstand the test of time, despite being made of wood. The name of the Chapel Bridge comes from St. Peter’s Chapel, located near the bridge’s entrance on the north side of the Reuss River.

The Chapel Bridge is primarily unique for its triangular paintings attached to its gables. These paintings date back to the 17th century and tell something about Switzerland and Lucerne. To my knowledge, the paintings are closely linked to the history of the Swiss Confederation and its neighboring countries. Impressively, the Chapel Bridge is still in use today. The triangular paintings on its gables act like a storyteller, introducing Lucerne to you as you cross the river (Reuss River) from Bahnhofstrasse to Theaterplatz (Rathausquai), or vice versa.

Day and night view inside Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland
Day and night view inside Chapel Bridge

However, as you start walking through the bridge, you’ll see that the Chapel Bridge is not as original as you might initially thought. Parts of the Chapel Bridge have already been replaced, and some of its triangular paintings attached to its gables are no longer present. You’ll particularly notice this when you reach the middle part of the bridge.

The reason behind this is a devastating fire incident that consumed the bridge in 1993, which people all over the world watched in horror on TV. The fire almost reached the Water Tower (Wasserturm)! Thankfully, the authorities extinguished the fire before it could reach the tower. Older than the Chapel Bridge, it would have been more painful to watch the Water Tower consumed by fire. The Water Tower has served as a prison, city archive, and local treasury, holding a lot of history.

Today, you can behold the Water Tower very closely from the Chapel Bridge. However, visitors aren’t allowed to enter unless they request a tour from the Lucerne Artillery Association, the current tenant of the Water Tower. The Water Tower has been home to the Lucerne Artillery Association since 1937. Good to know: you can buy souvenirs from the Water Tower as you stroll through the Chapel Bridge.

Chapel Bridge's tower behind the wooden pathway (view from Bahnhofstrasse) in Lucerne, Switzerland
Chapel Bridge’s tower behind the wooden pathway (view from Bahnhofstrasse)

Visiting Information

It’s undoubtedly easy to find the Chapel Bridge. With just one look at the map of Old Town Lucerne, (focus at the Reuss River that divides Old Town Lucerne) and you’ll spot it right away. The Chapel Bridge is the second bridge from Lake Lucerne, with the Rathausteg Bridge to the west and the Seebrücke (Bridge) to the east. No matter where you are in Old Town Lucerne, the Chapel Bridge would be within a maximum of a 15-minute walking distance.

If you arrive in Lucerne by train, you can already see the Chapel Bridge a few steps after you emerge from Lucerne’s main train station. You should be able to spot it faster if you stand in front of the massive arched gate (Torbogen Luzern) at the train station. To be specific, the Chapel Bridge is one of the bridges crossing the Reuss River, connecting Bahnhofstrasse and Rathausquai.

TIP #1 — Among the bridges mentioned, Seebrücke offers the best panoramic view of the Chapel Bridge, although it may not necessarily provide the most picturesque view. From Seebrücke, you’ll see a panorama of the Chapel Bridge, with Lucerne’s beautiful old city buildings lining the Reuss River.

Easily accessible from almost anywhere in Old Town Lucerne, the Chapel Bridge is simply impossible to miss, whether you’re planning to visit Lucerne for 1 day, looking for a 2-day Lucerne trip, or aiming a three-day ultimate Lucerne getaway. Even more when you learned that the Chapel Bridge is accessible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to the Chapel Bridge? It is free.

Best Time to Visit

Yes, you can visit the Chapel Bridge anytime you like. Sweet! However, if you ask me, I’d suggest visiting the bridge again at a specific time of day after you’ve seen it upon your arrival in Lucerne (say you’re arriving by train). And here’s Tip#2 — visiting the Chapel Bridge during midday is a no-no, especially during the peak season. You can expect bumper-to-bumper foot traffic inside the bridge, and trust me, it’s not the best way to wander around the Chapel Bridge!

The ideal times to visit the Chapel Bridge are during the golden hour (usually early morning and before sunset) and nighttime.

Tip #3 — By late afternoon, the people who were on a day tour to Lucerne would have returned to their home base, resulting in fewer people visiting the Chapel Bridge. This provides a better opportunity to explore the bridge in peace, with the tranquility of the River Reuss. The Chapel Bridge is at its most charming during these times, especially with the warm glow of the setting sun.

Tip #4 — The Chapel Bridge becomes even more romantic at night. It glows from the inside, and the River Reuss glitters below it because of the glow. You’ll love the view from the restaurants or the benches along the riverbanks. Let me show you how beautiful the Chapel Bridge is.

Summer Time: Most Colorful

Beautiful flower-embellished appearance of the Chapel Bridge during summer in Lucerne, Switzerland
Beautiful flower-embellished appearance of the Chapel Bridge during summer

Tip #5 — The warmer months are the best time to visit Lucerne to see the Chapel Bridge in full bloom. This is the time of year when the Chapel Bridge is adorned with colorful flowers, making it a visual feast. It’s also the period with the most sunny days—when the bridge and its decorations look more appealing with better contrasts and stunning vibrant colors.

Have your cameras ready because the stroll through the Chapel Bridge is an inspiring moment to capture numerous photos of the Old Town. There are many ways you can get creative with your shots, but it’s always a great idea to include the town hall, the Jesuit Church, and the Water Tower in your photos for truly epic pictures.

One of the most delightful sights you can expect while visiting the Chapel Bridge is the swans of the Reuss River. These elegant creatures are a joy to watch as they play and splash around with their companions under the Chapel Bridge. Regularly fed by the locals, it seems they have developed an instinct to swim towards humans, including travelers, in anticipation of being fed.

Golden Hour: Most Picturesque

Chapel Bridge during the golden hour in Lucerne, Switzerland
Chapel Bridge during the golden hour

You’re in a total good luck when you visit Lucerne during the summer and the weather is just right. This means you can experience a golden hour in the city. The Chapel Bridge is at its most picturesque during this time.

During the golden hour, the sunlight casts a warm hue and hits the bridge at a lower angle, allowing you to see or photograph a dramatic scene of the Chapel Bridge. The view is even more striking from the inside. The long angled shadows cast by the bridge’s posts, coupled with the repetition, make it feel as though you’re walking through a scene from a music video (say you’re listening to my travel playlist).

Tip #6 — Head to Seebrücke or Bahnhofstrasse for a silhouette view of the Chapel Bridge under a sky painted with warm light. Try capturing photos closer to the water so you can include the reflection of the Chapel Bridge on the river’s surface. If you’re aiming to photograph the Chapel Bridge during the golden hour after sunrise, I recommend heading to the Rathaussteg Bridge, located west of the Chapel Bridge. It features beautiful curly railings, which you can use as a “frame” for even more stunning photos of the Chapel Bridge.

Night: Most Spectacular


While others may disagree, I believe the night is another excellent time to see the Chapel Bridge. In my opinion, the bridge takes on a romantic aura at night. The interiors of the Chapel Bridge glow, and its reflection on the water creates a view that seems to beckon for memorable moments. The interplay of light and water infuses the scene with a magical quality. It is like… a love story unfolding.

That moment can occur almost anywhere near the Chapel Bridge. You can sit on the benches along the River Reuss for comfort as you take in the beautiful scenery. Alternatively, there are cafes, bars, and restaurants that offer alfresco seating with a view of the bridge. Tip #7 — establishments along Rathausquai offer great views of the Chapel Bridge at night.

Imagine how memorable that moment would be — you and your partner, staring at the timeless bridge as a symbol of your love, sipping wine or your beverage of choice together!

If you’re into photography as well, the night presents an alternative opportunity for taking photos of the Chapel Bridge when the weather doesn’t cooperate during your visit to Lucerne. Of course, this doesn’t apply when it rains, but rather when there’s merely an overcast in the city. Overcast conditions can make the photos appear gloomy and less than amazing. However, at night, overcast skies don’t matter.

Don’t Miss: Triangular Gable Paintings

As an admirer of old-world architecture, I could spend many minutes marveling at the Chapel Bridge.

Especially during the golden hour, when the bridge is heavily adorned with flowers, you can picture me capturing the beauty of the chapel bridge from various points along the Reuss River. If you and I were to cross the Chapel Bridge together, you’d definitely see that I take my time, moving at a slower pace than most. The eye-catching views and photo ops at various spots on the bridge would have me stopping quite a bit to capture just the right shot.

Tip #8 — As I mentioned before, from the Chapel Bridge, you can see a variety of Lucerne landmarks, like the Jesuit Church, Water Tower, and more. For a standout photo, frame these landmarks, the subjects of your photo, with the posts and flowers of the Chapel Bridge. Experiment with lens blur to eliminate any photo bombers, and adjust the lighting for a more dramatic image. If there’s a crowd, try using long exposure techniques. This way, your camera won’t pick up the people in motion, leaving only the Chapel Bridge and other landmarks in your shot.

Regardless, it’s the triangular paintings on the gables that I find most intriguing during a visit inside the Chapel Bridge.


You’ll spot them immediately, even before you enter the bridge, whether you’re approaching the Chapel Bridge from Rathausquai or Bahnhofstrasse. Some of the paintings that have left an impression on me are “The Killing of Amasa,” “The Night of Murder of Lucerne,” “The Musegg Procession,” and “It Doesn’t Go Quite So Well With The Dragon.” The lives of Saint Leger and Saint Maurice, the patron saints of Lucerne, are also depicted in the paintings.

If you’re looking for a guide or tour to enhance your visit to Lucerne and the Chapel Bridge, a private walking tour with a local could be quite beneficial. Tip #9 — For a unique experience, consider trying the 1-Hour Historical Tour with the Night Watchman.

How Long to Visit

So, that’s everything I believe you need to know about the Chapel Bridge! Did you also find the Chapel Bridge as one of the things that make Lucerne beautiful?

Tip #10 — If you’re considering how much time to spend at the Chapel Bridge during your Lucerne trip, here’s my advice: a quick stroll across the bridge can be done in just a few minutes (I clocked it at 3 to 5 minutes). However, I recommend setting aside at least 30 minutes to an hour for a more immersive experience.

Here’s how an hour-long visit could look: (1) Spend about 30 minutes appreciating the Chapel Bridge from the cafes or restaurants along Rathausquai while enjoying a hot coffee or chocolate. (2) Dedicate around 15 minutes to strolling on the bridge to take in the triangular paintings. I suggest you walk the bridge in both directions because there are artworks on both sides of the bridge’s roof truss. (3) Allocate the remaining 15 minutes to capturing photos of the different parts and scenes of the bridge.


If you’re interested in learning more about the history and what to expect inside the Chapel Bridge, the resources provided below should offer ample information.

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Besides the Chapel Bridge and the other points of interest in Lucerne that I’ve previously mentioned, the Church of Saint Leodegar (Hofkirche) is another landmark you might enjoy visiting. Its architecture, a blend of Gothic and German Renaissance, is quite unique. Be sure to check out its front yard, as it’s a great spot for a selfie and another photo souvenir of Lucerne! Beyond the Old Town, you’ll find Mount Pilatus. It’s one of the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland. I particularly enjoy the experience of ascending this mountain via the cogwheel train.

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