Thun Switzerland Map (Location and Info of 15 Attractions)

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Thun, a relatively small city in Switzerland, is straightforward to explore. Once you arrive at the train station, the top attractions in the city are just a few minutes away on foot — a similar experience to that in Old Town Lucerne and Old City of Bern.

Honestly, you might not even need to use a map to find Thun’s highlights. Just look above the houses, and you’ll spot one of them — Thun Castle. From the tower of Thun Castle, you can enjoy an overlooking view of the city and Lake Thun and spontaneously decide where to go next. Perhaps a boat ride on Lake Thun? Or a wander in the square where the beautiful Town Hall is located? While spontaneous travel is exciting, there are still benefits to checking the map at least once. One of these benefits is maximizing your visit to Thun.

With the help of my map of Thun, you won’t miss any of Thun’s picture-perfect sights. It will even let you know the location of nearby attractions at Lake Thun, which you can visit right after exploring the Old Town of Thun. You should be able to create your Thun itinerary with ease. But if you need one, here’s my one-day Thun itinerary and Lake Thun itinerary, free for you to check.

Author’s Note

In summary, there are 15 tourist attractions in Thun you’ll find here. They’re a mix of city landmarks, historical sites, and picturesque spots. Out of the 15, 10 are in Thun Old Town.

A map of Thun on a single scale can be challenging to navigate, especially for Thun Old Town, which is packed with charming sights and hidden gems. So, for a better experience, I have split the map into two parts: one focusing on Thun Old Town and another showing the wider area of the city.

Not all places of interest in Thun listed on these maps are tagged and can be easily found on Google Maps. With these maps I’ll share with you, researching Thun will be quicker—that’s for sure.

For your convenience, I included brief information for each tourist attraction, along with the map coordinates and Google Map links of each tourist attraction in Thun. A few last words… As a map enthusiast, creating a map that can help other people simply fulfills me. I hope you find my maps really helpful as you plan your Thun trip. So, let’s get started!

Thun Old Town Map: 10 Places of Interest & Vantage Points

Thun Old Town Map, Switzerland
Thun Old Town Map

Below are the map coordinates linked to Google Maps. Click the name of the tourist attractions to learn more about them.

Place of Interest Coordinates
Thun Castle 46.75985755912691, 7.62998245176092
Stadtkirche Thun 46.758727487500344, 7.631287106738804
Kirchtreppe 46.75860756774536, 7.630654470373517
Chutziturm 46.761110557640926, 7.629081578887355
Rathausplatz 46.75963940103291, 7.628588364349316
Obere Hauptgasse 46.75862691760797, 7.630097131521816
Obere Schleuse Brücke 46.75649183179841, 7.632500198893491
Untere Schleuse Brücke 46.7580904346808, 7.630095022740604
Bällizbrücke 46.75894061436887, 7.628096458104105
Kunstmuseum Thun 46.75594641960183, 7.6344978211286705
 Best Things to Do in Thun Old Town & Their Map Coordinates
Learn more about Old Town Thun’s attractions and viewpoints

1. Thun Castle

Thun Castle close up view from the courtyard in Thun, Switzerland
Thun Castle close up view from the courtyard

Of all the attractions in Thun, its castle is arguably the most visible in the entire city. Perched on a hill, this 12th-century castle overlooks the old town. Throughout the ages, it has served many purposes, primarily in city administration and the administration of justice. Today, it houses a museum featuring artifacts and items that narrate the history of the surrounding region. It is ultimately worth visiting for the breathtaking views of the Bernese Oberland visible through the windows of its towers. Here’s a guide to help you make the most of your visit to Thun Castle.

Navigation: See Thun Castle on the map of Thun Old Town. Suggested nearby attractions to visit: Stadtkirche Thun, Rathausplatz, Chutziturm.

2. Stadtkirche Thun

Stadtkirche Thun, Switzerand

Stadtkirche Thun, or the central church of Thun, is another landmark that dominates the skyline of Thun’s Old City. It’s an oasis of tranquility, overflowing with simplistic elegance observable from its white walls and brown tile roof. One of the reasons to visit this early 14th-century church is that it’s home to some of the quaintest scenes in town. Under its clock tower, you can find partly faded frescoes that narrate the beliefs of Thun’s residents through the ages. It’s simply fascinating.

Navigation: Check out Stadtkirche Thun on the map of Thun Old Town. The closest places of interest are Kirchtreppe, Thun Castle, and Obere Hauptgasse.

3. Kirchtreppe

Kirchtreppe and the art pavilion near Thun Castle in Thun, Switzerland
Kirchtreppe and the art pavilion near Thun Castle

Kirchtreppe is one of the hidden gems of Thun Old Town. It is a wooden staircase that links the castle grounds (Schlossberg — top of castle hill) and Old Town’s main street (Obere Hauptgasse). There are several paths to Thun Castle from Thun Old Town, and Kirchtreppe is one of them. You should use it at least once (either going up or down to or from Thun Castle) because it’s another quaint experience in Thun. Kirchtreppe’s symmetrical gables will inspire you to take photos as you climb up this stairway. 

Navigation: See Kirchtreppe in Thun Old Town’s map. The closest tourist attractions are Stadtkirche Thun, Obere Hauptgasse, and Untere Schleuse Bruke.

4. Chutziturm

Chutziturm in Thun, Switzerland
Chutziturm's door in Thun, Switzerland
Chutziturm’s door

For urban/city explorers, who like discovering and appreciating the hidden gems/off-the-beaten-path of a city, Chutziturm is one of the places in Thun you might be looking for. It is a 13th-century city fortification, restored by city marksmen and men’s choir in the 1950s. The tower’s quaint appearance is a lovely subject for a photograph. Today, this tower functions as a restaurant and event place, used by locals and companies during special events. For everyone, it’s a quaint architectural discovery you can find as you explore the city. You can learn more about Chutziturm from their official website, linked in the resources section of this post.

Navigation: See where Chutziturm is on the map of Thun Old Town. The closest city landmarks are Thun Castle and Rathausplatz.

5. Rathausplatz

Townhall Square with views of the castle in Thun, Switzerland
Townhall Square with views of the castle

If you are looking for the most beautiful old buildings in Thun, Rathausplatz is the place to be. In Rathausplatz, you can find preserved buildings dating back as early as the 14th century. As its name suggests, in Rathausplatz, you can find the Town Hall (Rathaus), a 15th-century building with eye-catching historic charm. The oldest building is called Hotel Rathaus, a 14th-century building that is considered the oldest brick house in Thun. Rathausplatz is also an excellent viewing spot for Thun Castle. The castle dominates the sky view of the square, which looks so magical. 

Navigation: Go back to the map of Thun Old Town to see where Rathausplatz is. Rathausplatz is the centrally located place of interest in Thun Old Thun. From here, you can quickly go to Obere Hauptgasse, Bällizbrücke, Thun Castle, or Chutziturm.

6. Obere Hauptgasse

The houses, raised pavement, and a mural holding the coat of arms of Thun in Obere Hauptgasse in Thun, Switzerland
The houses, raised pavement, and a mural holding the coat of arms of Thun in Obere Hauptgasse

Obere Hauptgasse is the place in Thun that made me realize that Thun is unique. This street, flanked by houses in an old-world style, has a raised pavement which Thun is famous for. Here, you’ll see some stores are literally under the raised pavement. It also has arcades to remind you of the picturesque streets in Bern. And yes, wandering on its cobblestone streets should send your imagination centuries in the past. Here’s a tip: Thun’s residents embellish the railings of the raised pavement in Obere Hauptgasse with flowers during the summer months. It’s the part of the year when this street becomes absolutely romantic.

Navigation: You can check the map of Thun Old Town to see where Obere Hauptgasse is. If you’re already in Obere Hauptgasse, the closest places of interest you can go to next are Untere Schleuse Brücke, Obere Schleuse Brücke, Rathausplatz, Kirchtreppe, and Bällizbrücke.

7. Obere Schleuse Brücke

Obere Schleusebrucke in Thun, Switzerland
Obere Schleusebrucke

If you are familiar with Lucerne and visit Thun, you might also realize that Thun is like the smaller version of Lucerne. Thun’s wooden covered bridges are reminiscent of Lucerne’s. However, Thun’s wooden bridges also serve as locks, used to prevent flooding in the old town. These bridges or locks connect the three parts of Thun Old Town on the northern and southern banks of the Aare River and Bälliz island in the middle. 

If you arrive in Thun using the train, Obere Schleuse Brücke is the first you can find. It is located on the southern tip of Bälliz island, and you only have to walk for a very few minutes to reach it from the train station. Obere Schleuse Brücke is worth seeing as it can bring nostalgia to travelers for its quaint appearance, decorated with flowers in some parts of the year. Its dark wooden materials look stunning over the turquoise water of the Aare River. 

Navigation: Check its exact location on my map of Old Town Thun. After seeing Obere Schleuse Brücke, the closest tourist attraction you can see next is Untere Schleuse Brücke, Obere Hauptgasse, or Kunstmuseum Thun.

8. Untere Schleuse Brücke

Untere Schleusebrucke in Thun, Switzerland
Untere Schleusebrucke

If you stroll at Bälliz island’s quai to the north from Obere Schleuse Brücke, you can find Untere Schleuse Brücke. It is the second covered wooden bridge that links Bälliz to the central Thun Old Town. Like Obere Schleuse Brücke, Untere Schleuse Brücke looks eye-pleasing over the blue water of the Aare River.

If you like, you can cross the river through it (you can do the same as Obere Schleuse Brücke) and see the mechanism of the lock that controls the flow of the river. During summer, you may see locals surfing in the river in Untere or Obere Schleuse Brücke. You may want to stay along River Aare near these bridges/locks for a while to see some tricks.

Navigation: The exact location of Untere Schleuse Brücke in Thun Old Town Map. Let’s say you’re currently here on this bridge; the nearest tourist attractions are Bällizbrücke, Obere Hauptgasse, and Rathausplatz.

9. Bällizbrücke

Picturesque views of Thun Castle from Bällizbrücke and Rathausquai in Thun, Switzerland
Picturesque views of Thun Castle from Bällizbrücke and Rathausquai

For me, Bällizbrücke is the best place to go in Thun Old Town to take a selfie for a photo souvenir. From this bridge, you get a view of the central Thun Old Town skyline with Thun Castle in the middle part—a scene perfect for photos! This bridge is another hidden gem in Thun, as only a few come here. Untere or Obere Schleuse Brücke gets all the attention when it comes to the bridges in the city. Neither do they know that Bällizbrücke has some of the best views in town.

Navigation: Check the map of Thun Old Town, where Bällizbrücke is. Rathausplatz and Untere Schleuse Brücke are the two closest tourist spots to Bällizbrücke.

10. Kunstmuseum Thun

View of Kunstmuseum Thun from Aare River in Thun Switzerland
View of Kunstmuseum Thun from Aare River

If you are in Thun and bad weather strikes, Thun Castle isn’t the only place you can go to save your day. Thun has an art museum, and it’s a nice place to discover beautiful contrasts in the city. Instead of things from the medieval ages, like how Thun Old Town appears, Kunstmuseum Thun has modern artworks. I am not a fan of Modern art, but checking some of the masterpieces may be fun, especially if you like figuring out their message. For more information, please check the official website of the museum linked at the resources section.

Navigation: Check it out on my map of Old Town Thun to see where this museum is located. If you make your way to Kunstmuseum Thun, the next place you might want to see next is The Skyline of Thun from Aare River (see next part).

Map of Thun: 5 Tourist Attractions & Scenic Spots Outside Old Town

Thun is in a very beautiful region called Bernese Oberland. It’s next to a lake that has the same name, Lake Thun. This lake is special because it has five castles around it, which makes it look like something from a fairy tale. If you visit Thun, you can easily see these amazing castles and the beautiful lake. Some of these places are just a bus ride away from the old part of Thun.

Map of Thun with Lake Thun attractions, Switzerland
Map of Thun with Lake Thun attractions

For more information about these places of interest, please check this post about the 10 beautiful attractions around Lake Thun. Below are the map coordinates linked to Google Maps. Click the name of the tourist attractions to learn more about them.

Place of Interest Coordinates
Bächimattpromenade 46.75130401236514, 7.636947266197729
Schadau Castle 46.74551219011764, 7.6353150933075975
Thun Panorama 46.74527079466303, 7.634533420144744
Hünegg Castle 46.73777362856699, 7.654960039224262
Oberhofen Castle 46.72969087431841, 7.668441356548158
Best Things to Do in Thun & Lake Thun (With Map Coordinates)
Learn more about the attractions outside Old Town Thun

1. Bächimattpromenade 

The view of Thun Castle from Bächimattpromenade in Thun, Switzerland
The view of Thun Castle from Bächimattpromenade

Bächimattpromenade is the most beautiful vantage point of Thun Old Town outside the city center. Along this riverside promenade, you can see the city’s skyline from its most magical angle, including four of the most notable landmarks in the city: Thun Castle, Stadtkirche Thun, Kunstmuseum Thun, and Obere Schleuse Brücke. It’s a hidden gem, a place with the awe-inspiring scenery of Thun Old Town to inspire you to pull your camera from your bag/pockets and shoot photographs. 

You can bring snacks to Bächimattpromenade and have a pleasant picnic beside the river while sitting on the benches. The sound of the flowing river and the scenery are absolutely relaxing—so lovely to have as you savor your snacks. Also, it can be a simple romantic spot to have little but beautiful moments during your travels if you are with your loved ones.

Navigation: If you haven’t checked Bächimattpromenade’s location, click this link to go back to Map of Thun. Bächimattpromenade is less than a 10-minute walk from Kunstmuseum. And if you’re from the train station, you can hop on Bus #21 and alight at the Bächimatt bus stop (a 6 to 7-minute bus ride).

2. Schadau Castle

Schadau Castle seen from Bächimattpromenade in Thun, Switzerland
Schadau Castle seen from Bächimattpromenade
View from Schadau Park in Thun, Switzerland
View from Schadau Park

Schadau Castle is the closest castle outside Thun Old Town which you would not like to miss if it’s purely fairytale scenes you want to see: charming castle, lovely lawns, and a picture-perfect panorama of lake and mountains. Unlike Thun Castle, which has functioned mainly as a city government building, Schadau Castle was owned and used as a home by rich feuds. Its beautiful “Anglo-Gallic” gothic architecture proves it became a residence of a wealthy personality. 

Today, Schadau Castle functions as a hotel and a restaurant. And you may only see its beautiful interiors if you book a night in the castle or reserve a table for lunch or dinner. It’s kinda sad, and I hope they offer castle tours in the future. Although that is the case as of this writing, I still think Schadau Castle is a nice place to see when in Thun. The awe-inspiring view of the Bernese Oberland from Schadau Park is priceless! (Also, believe it or not, Schadau Castle was hailed as the Historical Hotel of the Year in 2021.)

Navigation: You can check the exact location of Schadau Castle from my Map of Thun.To get to Schadau Castle quickly anywhere in Thun, find a bus following route #1. If you’re from the train station, it’s only a 5-minute ride.

3. Thun Panorama

Thun Panorama (Part 1 and Part 2) in Thun, Switzerland
Thun Panorama (Part 1 and Part 2)

Did you know that a world record lies in Thun? It is Thun Panorama or Wocher Panorama—the oldest surviving panorama (of its kind) in the world. It was created by Marquard Rocher, who preserved the view of Thun’s skyline back in the early 19th century. Thun Panorama is located in Schadau Park’s mini forest southwest of Schadau Castle. Kept inside a simple cylindrical structure that might look like a medieval defensive tower from afar, Thun Panorama is like a treasure inside a simple chest. Here’s everything you need to know about Thun Panorama.

Navigation: You can check my Map of Thun to see Thun Panorama’s location. Like Schadau Castle, you can ride on bus #1 and alight at Schadau Park bus stop to get here quickly.

4. Hünegg Castle

Hunegg Castle’s Facade by Tiger 99 from Wikimedia Commons (beside Lake Thun, Switzerland)
Hunegg Castle’s Facade by Tiger 99 from Wikimedia Commons

Visiting Lake Thun, you can literally go castle hopping for an entire day and see different magical scenes. Among the castles in the lake, I think Hünegg Castle is the off-the-beaten-path type. This castle is an underrated place, which can be an alternative to Schadau, especially if you want to see elegant castle interiors without staying for a night.

The set-up of the castle’s interiors was so preserved that many say that it seems that the castle’s owner in the 19th century just left yesterday! It also has a lovely park and beautiful views of Lake Thun & the surrounding mountains. And, yes, Hünegg Castle also has a cafeteria where you can have refreshments after strolling in the park.

Navigation: See the exact location of Hünegg Castle, check it out from my Map of Thun. To get to Hünegg Castle from Thun, hop on either Bus #21 or #25 at the train station and alight at “Hilterfingen, Post.” Then, from the bus stop, walk for 3 to 5 minutes in Thun’s direction. The total travel time is 15 minutes.

5. Oberhofen Castle

The snowy peaks of Bernese Oberland behind Oberhofen Castle in Thun, Switzerland
The snowy peaks of Bernese Oberland behind Oberhofen Castle

For me, Oberhofen Castle is the ultimate destination in Lake Thun. This castle, dating back to the early 13th century, is also the most picturesque, thanks to its water tower that can be photographed with the Swiss alps in the background. Oberhofen Castle has a spacious park with breathtaking views, a rustic castle museum, and a unique room that’s totally out of the alpine world. That room is called Oriental Smoking Room, and architecture lovers wouldn’t like to miss it.

The Oriental Smoking Room is only a fraction of the overall beautiful impression that you might have of Oberhofen Castle, though. Exploring Oberhofen Castle’s Museum, you can also find objects you only see in movies set in the Middle Ages. There are armor, old portraits of the castle owners, and more. I even saw a painting of Oberhofen Castle centuries ago, and, incredibly, nothing much has changed in the castle’s structure since the artwork was created.

Here’s everything you need to know before you visit Oberhofen Castle.

Navigation: If you missed Oberofen Castle’s location, you can recheck my Map of Thun. You can get to Oberhofen Castle from Thun by boat or by bus. Please check my post about Oberhofen Castle to see full details.

More Information

Alright! That’s my list of things to do in Thun and maps of Thun. I hope that you find them helpful for your trip. By the way, below are the links that you can use for further research about Thun’s tourist attractions.

Still planning your trip to Thun or Bernese Oberland? If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, I recommend checking out my partner’s hotel search and booking platform. It offers some great hotel deals (e.g., free hotel cancellation) that I think you’ll find useful. Please note that the link is an affiliate link. I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you when you book through it. Please consider this as your contribution to WanderInEurope, enabling me to write more helpful content like this. Thank you for your support!

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