5 Things To Do In Gimmelwald (Beautiful Reasons To Visit)

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Since my first trip to one of our local mountain villages, which turned out to be an absolutely wholesome and life-changing experience, I’ve advocated for mountain trips to my friends and family to improve their lives. It was an unforgettable journey that ignited my passion for helping others experience the same.

If you’re looking for an authentic, idyllic mountain village in Switzerland, you literally have a plethora of options. However, one place you should really consider for a peaceful, blissful alpine experience is Gimmelwald. It’s rustic, breathtaking, and most importantly, it’s very close to other beautiful destinations in Switzerland like Mürren, Wengen, Interlaken, and Lauterbrunnen or what they call ‘Heaven on Earth.’ You can easily include Gimmelwald in your itinerary if you plan to visit the Jungfrau Region.

Allow me to guide you through the experiences you can enjoy when visiting Gimmelwald.

BEFORE ANYTHING: Where is Gimmelwald and how to get there?

Gimmelwald is tucked in the southernmost corner of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Jungfrau Region. There, it remains somewhat untouched by waves of tourists, thus retaining its rural and authentic charm.

Getting to Gimmelwald involves a few steps using the public transportation, but it shouldn’t be difficult even for first-timers, thanks to Switzerland’s efficient public transportation. Once you reach Interlaken, which is the most common base for exploring the Jungfrau Region, getting to Gimmelwald would be: (1) a train ride away to Lauterbrunnen then (2) a bus ride (#141) to Stechelberg, and finally, (3) a short cable car ride to Gimmelwald.

An alternative is the Grütschalp-Mürren route. This involves a cable car ride from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp, then a train ride to Mürren, and finally, a hike or a cable car ride to Gimmelwald.

If you have a Jungfrau Pass, choose the Grütschalp-Mürren route as it is covered by the card. If you don’t, choose the Stechelberg route so you can also do sightseeing on the valley floor, which is quite rustic too.

Gimmelwald is free of traffic. If you are traveling by car, you can park it in either Lauterbrunnen or Stechelberg, where you will find public transportation options to reach Gimmelwald.

Location of Gimmelwald in Lauterbrunnen Valley Map, Switzerland
Location of Gimmelwald in Lauterbrunnen Valley Map
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OVERALL EXPERIENCE: What is it like to visit Gimmelwald?

Unlike other destinations in the Jungfrau region, Gimmelwald offers a subtle yet meaningful adventure. Instead of adrenaline-pumping activities and fancy funicular train rides, this village provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the actual life and authentic culture of the people in the Swiss Alps. Gimmelwald has a population of around 100, most of whom are farmers who have maintained their traditional way of life.

Today, Gimmelwald is still the smallest village in the Lauterbrunnen commune and … fun fact: you can even find more cow troughs than mailboxes in the village! So yep, Gimmelwald ain’t for everyone, but it can be a paradise for someone like me! I’ll tell you the experiences you can have from visiting Gimmelwald—the reasons why I think you should see it. Don’t get confused between Grindelwald and Gimmelwald, okay? They’re different places.

As you explore the village, you’ll discover the residents’ relationship with nature and livestock. You’ll witness the heartwarming values of the residents that revolve around trust and honesty. These inspiring aspects are not commonly found in over-commercialized resort towns. Things that makes Gimmelwald unique.

Since it is not touristy, Gimmelwald also exudes a sense of peace and relaxation. Most of the time, all you’ll hear is nature, the ringing of cowbells, and the sound of your footsteps on the gravel pathway. The tranquility is more palpable when hanging out at one of its viewpoints. There, the spectacular view of the face of the Schwarzmönch mountain awaits. It’s heaven — you, shrouded with the sound of chirping of birds and the thundering cascade of Lauterbrunnen’s waterfalls down the valley.

If traveling in Switzerland isn’t too pricey, I could spend all day in Gimmelwald wandering, staring at the mountains, and taking in the rustic beauty of nature. I’m sure wanderers like me will have a fantastic time in Gimmelwald. It’s a beautiful place for those who want to reflect and introspect.

So far, visiting Gimmelwald may seem to be just about appreciating nature, alpine culture, and understanding the real meaning of travel. Well, not totally! These are just half of the overall experiences that you can find in Gimmelwald. There are a few more that you can try! I think they’re the other reasons why you should also visit Gimmelwald, even for a quick visit. Let me tell you more about them.

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1. Explore The Rustic Village

(As mentioned earlier) what separates Gimmelwald from other villages in Lauterbrunnen is simple: the close relationship between Gimmelwald’s inhabitants, nature, and livestock. Needless to say, you will see this when you explore the village—the first thing you need to do. The charming decorated barns, chalets, flower-adorned fountains, and rustic cheese houses dotting the village meadows are proof of this “relationship.”

Gimmelwald may be small, but it’s got some serious charm. You can take in all the sights in just 2-2.5 hours with a leisurely stroll, snapping pictures of the eye-catching sights you’ll come across. There are two stunning places of interest in Gimmelwald that you won’t want to miss. The first is the Chässpycher Cheese storehouse, and the second is the Kuhglockenhaus.


Of all the buildings in Gimmelwald, the Chässpycher Cheese storehouse is the most attention-grabbing. You can find it along the village’s main road, a 4-minute walk from the cable car station. Without its name, it’s hard to know what it is for. Nevertheless, the rustic and flower-decorated facade of the Chässpycher Cheese storehouse will make you smile once your sight lands on it.

Also, along Gimmelwald’s main road and between the two hotels, Olle & Maria’s Bed and Breakfast and Pension Gimmelwald, you can find Kuhglockenhaus. It’s the building that has the photo-inspiring hanging cowbells arranged in size. If you are coming from the village’s cable car station, you should arrive at Kuhglockenhaus before the Chässpycher Cheese storehouse. Kuhglockenhaus is only a 2-minute walk from Gimmelwald’s cable car station.

Don’t worry; I’ve included the Google Maps coordinates in the resources section of this post, so you can check them out for yourself if you decide to visit Gimmelwald. But here’s what they look like:

Chässpycher Cheese storehouse in Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Chässpycher Cheese storehouse in Gimmelwald
Kuhglockenhaus in Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Kuhglockenhaus in Gimmelwald
Cute things to discover while wandering in Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Cute things to discover while wandering in Gimmelwald

There are plenty of awesome little gems to be found in Gimmelwald, just waiting to be discovered along the village’s roads. They’re not hard to find. For example, another must-see gem is the Y-shaped, flower-embellished fountain. It’s situated between the Chässpycher Cheese storehouse and Kuhglockenhaus. The photo above on the lower left below showcases this flowery fountain.

Meanwhile, the quaint flowery chalet (upper right) is just a few steps away from the cable car station and playground. If you’re interested in visiting other places of interest in Gimmelwald, you can simply check the info point board outside the cable car station. It also lists the hotels, restaurants, hiking trails, and other facilities in Gimmelwald.

Gimmelwald Infopoint Board
Gimmelwald Infopoint Board

Do you need help exploring Gimmelwald? Or do you want a route to follow to see the different parts of the village? You can check my Komoot map in the resources section of this article.

2. Try The Village’s Award-Winning Beer

Gimmelwald isn’t just famous for its idyllic village. It’s also known for a type of Schwarzbier (Dark Beer) that has won several awards over the past few years. This beer is called Schwarz Mönch, and it’s one of the reasons why you must visit Gimmelwald, especially if you’re a beer lover! Its fascinating story and award-winning taste should provide further explanation. Did you know that Schwarz Mönch Beer was inspired by a mountain that looms over Gimmelwald?

Schwarz Mönch Beer In Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Schwarz Mönch Beer In Gimmelwald

The creation of Schwarz Mönch all started when a small inn owner looked up at the mountain opposite his Pension in Gimmelwald and had an idea. He thought the name of the mountain, the Schwarzmönch, would be perfect for a dark beer, especially as it was connected with brewing. With the help of a brew kit from London and ingredients from a craft brewing supplier in Brixton, he made his first brew in 2013.

After a few years, the recipe was refined. The beer became a thirst-quenching, smooth, dark lager, perfect for drinking after outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

Schwarz Mönch received several awards for its unique and delicious taste over the next few years. Schwarz Mönch was named the highest-rated Schwarzbier in the world by the UNTAPPD beer rating app from 2018 to 2020, indicating that beer enthusiasts from around the world appreciate its quality. It also received a Silver medal at the 2019 London Beer Competition, which is a prestigious event that evaluates beers based on quality, value, and packaging.

Schwarz Mönch also won a Gold medal in 2019 from “Brauundrauchshop.ch,” further recognizing its excellent taste and quality. And lastly, the beer has even received praise from the Executive Director of the NH Brewers Association, who raved about its Schwarzbier style.

If you want to try Schwarz Mönch Beer, you can go to the exact place where it was born—Hotel Pension Gimmelwald. This is one of the hotels closest to the Gimmelwald cable car station. I’ve linked its Google Map coordinates in the resources section of this post. You can see how much is a night in Hotel Pension Gimmelwald here.

3. Hike To Sprutz Waterfall

If you’re looking to connect deeper with nature on your Gimmelwald trip, you should consider hiking to Sprutz Waterfall. It’s not an easy hike, but if you’re visiting Gimmelwald during the summer, it’s certainly worth the effort. The waterfall’s name, Sprutz, translates to “spray” in English – a hint as to why it’s a great spot to visit when it’s hot and sunny. Upon reaching the waterfall, you’ll be rewarded with a refreshing spray of cold alpine water.

Sprutz Waterfall, a hike from Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Sprutz Waterfall

What’s so great about Sprutz is that the hiking trail takes you right behind the waterfall. Not only will you be refreshed by the invigorating spray of cold water, but you’ll also be able to hear the calming sound of the cascading water from behind it.

From behind the waterfall, you can take in the stunning view of the ravine and the majestic mountains in the distance, adding to the worthiness of the hike. If you’re planning to come, I’d suggest bringing some snacks – the hike to Sprutz Waterfall from Gimmelwald takes around 1.5 to 2 hours each way. Once you get there, you can have a fantastic picnic and refuel for the hike back.

Before you start your hike from Gimmelwald to Sprutz, ensure you’re prepared. It’s a 2-kilometer trek with a 300-meter elevation, and most of the trail is dirt and alpine. You’ll need a good pair of hiking shoes to make sure you’re comfortable throughout your hike.

Lastly, half of the hiking trail has tree cover, so it’s a pleasant hike even when the sun is shining bright. The hiking trail to Sprutz Waterfall is clearly marked on the Gimmelwald info point board. But I’ve got you covered if you need more detailed information about the route. I’ve prepared a route in Komoot – check out the link in the resources section of this post.

4. See The Most Tranquil Views Of Lauterbrunnen Valley

A trip to Gimmelwald is not complete without witnessing the awe-inspiring views from the village. Nestled in the untouched parts of the Jungfrau Region and in the southernmost part of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Gimmelwald is where you can discover the most unique and unseen parts of this slice of paradise.

The views in Gimmelwald are also the most tranquil because they are free from the strands of the cableways and tracks of the funicular. This is definitely the case when you face Sefinental (Sefinen Valley) to the south of Gimmelwald — it is all trees, streams, and snow-capped peaks!

View of Sefinen Valley from Gimmelwald
View of Sefinen Valley from Gimmelwald

There are two specific places in Gimmelwald I can suggest if you want to enjoy this view. The first is “Allmiweg,” and the other is the village viewpoint, labeled as “picnic benches” in Google Maps. Among the two viewpoints, the easiest one to visit is the picnic benches at the far end corner of the main road of Gimmelwald. If you are coming from the cable car station, walk straight towards Alte Säge Gimmelwald. You should arrive at the picnic benches within 7 to 10 minutes.

It’s a great spot to hang out and take in the different views of the mountains in the Jungfrau Region. The picnic benches have an informative board with the names of the peaks you can see from Gimmelwald, which is really cool for inquisitive travelers.

The information board about the peaks seen from Gimmelwald, Switzerland
The information board about the peaks seen from Gimmelwald
The view from the picnic benches in Gimmelwald, Switzerland
The view from the picnic benches in Gimmelwald

For travelers who want an overlooking view of Gimmelwald, like seeing the entire village, Allmiweg is the place to be. It’s the hiking trail loop above the village (northwest), where vistas of meadows dotted by chalets await. You should be able to see the overall path of Allmiweg from the Gimmelwald info point board. However, if you want to check its specifications, you can preview the route I prepared for you, which I’ve linked at the end of this post.

Overall, Allmiweg is an easy hike, approximately 2.5 kilometers long. Almost all parts of the hiking trail are relatively flat, except for the Wyenbach section near Murren.  You can complete Allmiweg in about an hour and a half, but your hike could take much longer if you decide to pick up some souvenirs from the shops along the trail.

5. Buy A Souvenir From The Honesty Shop

This may be the last thing to do in Gimmelwald, but it’s definitely not the least! If you’re after a truly unique experience in the Jungfrau Region, then Gimmelwald and its Honesty Shop are a must-visit. Here, you can have a shopping experience like no other, filled with meaning!

Honesty Shop in Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Honesty Shop

Trust and honesty are the foundations of the Honesty Shop’s retail model—a refreshing breeze in the world of business. Honestly, it’s amazing to see a shop based on traditional values. In Gimmelwald’s Honesty Shop, there are no pushy sales assistants or long lines to deal with. Instead, you’re free to browse the merchandise at your own pace and select the items that catch your eye.

Once you’ve made your selections, simply place the correct amount of cash in an “honest envelope” and drop it in the red “honesty box” provided. It’s a straightforward and honest way of shopping that’s all too rare these days.

What I love most about the Honesty Shop is its authenticity. It’s not just a souvenir shop; it’s a reflection of Gimmelwald’s local community and its culture. From Swiss bric-a-brac to other locally made products, there are many to choose from. When you buy souvenirs from the Honesty Shop, you can feel good knowing you’re also supporting the village’s local artisans.

Finding the Honesty Shop in Gimmelwald is a breeze – it’s right in the same building as the Hotel Pension Gimmelwald. If you want a two-in-one experience, why not grab a Schwarz Mönch beer from the Honesty Shop? It’s a great way to make your time in the village even more memorable.

For more souvenir/merchandise options in Gimmelwald, you can check the following shops (see Google Map location in the resources section):

  • Frische Lebensmittel vom Bauernhof for fresh farm products
  • Handgearbeitete Produkte for local handicrafts

More Information

So that’s it. I hope I’ve been able to give you an idea of why Gimmelwald is such a lovely destination by showing you the different parts and attractions in the village. If you’re planning to visit Gimmelwald during your travels to the stunning Jungfrau Region, here are some Google Map locations and Komoot routes to help you make the most of your trip.

If you want to learn more about the Schwarz Mönch Beer, you can check their website: schwarzmonch.com

Hey there! It sounds like you’re gearing up for a fantastic trip to Gimmelwald and planning to spend a few days in the stunning Jungfrau Region. If you’re still on the hunt for a place to stay, why not give my partner’s hotel search and booking platform a whirl? They’ve got some of the best hotel deals in Europe (a lot of folks agree) and their handy map feature makes it super easy to find a hotel that’s just right for you. Just a heads up, the link is an affiliate link. This means if you book through it, I may earn a small commission. But don’t worry, there’s no extra cost to you at all! It’s a great way to support me in creating more helpful guides like this one. If you could consider it, I’d be super grateful! Enjoy your travels and take lots of pictures! <3

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If you’re planning to visit Switzerland, whether it’s for a 1-week visit, a 4-day trip, or a 6-day journey, and you’re thinking of going to Gimmelwald, you should also explore and visit other beautiful attractions in the Jungfrau Region to make the most of your trip. Aside from what I’ve mentioned at the beginning, you can try Mannlichen and Harder Kulm. They offer the most beautiful 360-degree and 180-degree views in the Jungfrau Region. This region also boasts incredibly otherworldly-looking lakes, which have castles and quaint villages on their shores. These are Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. The latter is where Oberhofen Castle is. And if you want to have a city experience, Bern, the Swiss capital, is less than an hour away. One day in Bern should be enough to see the city’s highlights.

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