9 Beautiful Things That Makes Innsbruck a Beautiful City

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As a wanderer, beauty is what I primarily look for whenever I explore a city or a natural attraction. Beauty makes me forget all my problems. It brings me joy, and I love how it works wonders!

In my experience with Innsbruck, discovering these beautiful things was quite effortless. If you will be on the lookout as well, you can bet it’ll be a piece of cake! Well, it’s because Innsbruck is relatively small and notable attractions at the city’s outskirts where these visually captivating discoveries are located are easily accessible. Not to mention, Innsbruck is surrounded by breathtaking mountains. It’s like, no matter where you cast your gaze, you’re greeted by the sight of these majestic mountains towering over you. They paint quite a picturesque scene, if you ask me.

All in all, I found 9 beautiful things in Innsbruck (there’s more to see, but these 9 really stood out to me). These include some of the beautiful views and unmissable highlights of Innsbruck, including its historical landmarks and top attractions. I believe these are the main reasons why people should visit Innsbruck.

If you ever want to see every beautiful thing I discovered alongside other parts of the attractions where they’re found, you’ll need more than one day in Innsbruck. At minimum, you have to stay for two days in Innsbruck to check them all out. Good to know, most of the eye-pleasing things I’ll share with you can be found by simply wandering in Old Town Innsbruck! It’s that easy. So, let’s get started!


Visual summary of Innsbruck’s beauty

Beautiful landmarks, streets, and scenery in Innsbruck, Austria
Beautiful landmarks, streets, and scenery in Innsbruck
Beautiful things you can see in Innsbruck, Austria
Beautiful ‘treasures’ you can see in Innsbruck

#1 Golden Roof


In Innsbruck, you can find many beautiful sights, but the Golden Roof is the most famous. This beautiful balcony is a symbol of Innsbruck, showing the city’s wealth and history. The Golden Roof was built by Emperor Maximilian I as a gift for his wife, Bianca Maria Sforza. That’s why you can see beautiful images of the royal couple on the Golden Roof. You can find the Golden Roof on Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, a busy street in the old part of Innsbruck. There, you’ll see three things that make the Golden Roof stand out: the detailed carvings, colorful paintings, and its shiny roof made of over two thousand gold-plated copper tiles.

Here’s my tip! If you visit the Golden Roof, don’t forget to go up the City Tower of Innsbruck, also known as Stadtturm. It’s very close to the Golden Roof. From the top of the tower, you can see the Golden Roof from a different angle and enjoy a stunning view of the whole old city. On sunny days, though, the Golden Roof shines brightly, catching your eye even before you enter the old city center, assuming you’re coming from Maria-Theresien-Strasse.

#2 Hölbling Haus


The Hölbling Haus is one of the most eye-catching among all the ordinary buildings in Innsbruck. Like, both sides of this building along Herzog-Friedrich-Straße made me marvel for minutes!!! It grabs your attention with its beautifully decorated outer walls, which look like a fancy cake with detailed stucco designs. Constructed in Rococo and Gothic styles, its beautiful decorations, including cherubs, masks, shells, and bows that decorate the windows and the projecting window of the building, are a feast for the eyes!

Here’s another tip! If you want a different view of the Hölbling Haus, consider going up to the viewing deck of the Stadtturm. You can also go into the Golden Roof and go out onto its balcony. Even though the balcony of the Golden Roof is partly covered by a metal net, it still gives a unique view of the Hölbling Haus and the colorful buildings along Herzog-Friedrich-Straße in the old part of Innsbruck… For an insightful exploration of Innsbruck’s beauty, you’ll find this Private Tour of Innsbruck With a Local Guide to be really useful!

#3 Gasthof Goldener Adler


Herzog-Friedrich-Straße is not only home to the amazing Hölbling Haus and the famous Golden Roof, but also other beautiful buildings. One of them is the well-known Goldener Adler restaurant, located at the end of Herzog-Friedrich-Straße. As you approach the beautiful River Inn, you shouldn’t miss it. Standing in front of Goldener Adler, you’ll agree that it’s one of the most beautiful restaurants in Innsbruck!

The restaurant’s walls, decorated with Gothic-style nature-themed murals, are very impressive. Especially on sunny days, the sun lights up the facade of Goldener Adler, making the murals even more beautiful. If you want a great photo of Goldener Adler, I suggest going to the end of Herzog-Friedrich-Straße near Ottoburg or the Father and Son War Memorial. From there, you can get a beautiful view of Goldener Adler and the famous Golden Roof.

#4 Colorful Houses of Innsbruck


When you reach the end of Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful sight—the Colorful Houses of Innsbruck—the part of the city recognized as one of the most picturesque and frequently photographed parts of the city. In my opinion, it perfectly captures the essence of Innsbruck as a travel destination: a city nestled in the Alps. That is why the scene of the Colorful Houses, with the Inn River and the Nordkette mountains in the background, is one of the most iconic views of Innsbruck.

You can see this view best from Marktplatz, which is across the River Inn from the Colorful Houses. From there, you can take photos of the Colorful Houses unobstructed. Marktplatz is not only known for its views of the Colorful Houses of Innsbruck, but also for its outdoor restaurants and cafes. These places are perfect for taking a break and enjoying the beautiful view of the Colorful Houses of Innsbruck.

#5 Cenotaph of Maximilian I & Black Men


Each of us has a unique definition of beauty, but it’s hard to deny the awe-inspiring appearance of the historical treasures housed within Innsbruck’s Hofkirche, also known as the Court Church. They are the cenotaph of Emperor Maximilian I and the statues of the Black Men. These monuments and artworks truly epitomize opulence and intricacy, surpassing any I have ever encountered in Innsbruck. The moment I saw them, I was amazed. I have no doubt that you, too, will be captivated by their magnificence.

Upon entering the Hofkirche, you’ll be greeted by the cenotaph, positioned at the center of the nave and surrounded by the statues of the Black Men. Come closer to see the lavish marble and bronze relief decorations. These reliefs depict various significant events from the life of Maximilian I. The statues of the Black Men, however, represent some of the most significant personalities in European history. The remarkable attention to detail in their armor, hair, clothing, and facial features held me in awe for nearly half an hour!

#6 Asam Brother’s Frescoes and Stuccoes


Saint James Cathedral, also known as Innsbruck Cathedral, is another ‘don’t-judge-the-book-by-its-cover’ attraction in Innsbruck. It’s one of the places where you can witness the surprising beauty of Innsbruck. Like, the cathedral looks simple on the outside but is amazing on the inside! The ceiling of the cathedral is decorated with beautiful frescoes and stucco works by the Asam Brothers, who are famous for their Rococo style.

If you’ve seen the Asamkirche in Munich, you’ll know what beauty is to expect in Innsbruck Cathedral. Anyhow, first, it is the stunning stucco works that blend well with the frescoes and other elements of the church. Second, it is the spectacular ceiling which has a series of frescoes showing the life of Saint James, the cathedral’s patron saint. These frescoes are special because they create an optical illusion. If you stand under the fresco near the church’s main entrance and look towards the altar, you’ll see this mesmerizing illusion.

#7 Spanish Hall


Innsbruck, once a key city in the Holy Roman Empire, has many beautiful buildings built by royalty. One of these is Ambras Castle, located just outside the city. Inside the castle is the stunning Spanish Hall which is the highlight of a visit to Ambras Castle, with its picture-perfect beauty. Doubting its beauty? No need! The Spanish Hall is one of the most beautiful halls built during Archduke Ferdinand I’s time. He brought artists and craftsmen from all over Europe to make and decorate the hall.

Like, even before you enter the hall, you’ll notice its beautiful features, starting with the wooden doors. Inside the hall, you’ll see many details that will catch your eye. The walls of the Spanish Hall have pictures of the counts of Tyrol, and there are mythical images near the windows. The view is amazing, especially when sunlight comes in through the large windows. Even more, the marble floor of the Spanish Hall has geometric shapes, and the wooden ceiling is well-made. Everthing inside makes the hall a camera magnet!

#8 Innsbruck Giant Panorama Painting


Did you know that the Tirol Panorama Museum in Innsbruck, has a big painting called the Innsbruck Giant Panorama? And it is hands down visually impressive! This painting spectacularly shows a historical battle from 1809, called the Third Battle of Bergisel. And when you look at the painting, you can see lots of details, like soldiers and priests. It’s as if the painting can whisk you away to the exact moment the battle was in full swing.

The painting is really big – it’s 1,000 square meters! It shows what the battle looked like, with soldiers fighting and the city of Innsbruck in the background. Even though the battle was a sad time, the painting also shows how brave the people were. Interestingly, the museum is close to where the real battle happened, so it feels like you’re really going back in time when you see the painting. It’s a great way to learn about Innsbruck’s history

#9 Nordkette and the Alps


Innsbruck, surrounded by the stunning alpine scenery and the majestic Nordkette mountain range, offers breathtaking views nearly everywhere you go in the city. On clear days, the sight of towering peaks and rugged terrain is simply awe-inspiring! Visit the Tirol Panorama Museum’s pavilion for a free, panoramic view of the city and the mountains. It is indeed one of the most beautiful things you’ll see in Innsbruck. The best times to visit are during sunrise, sunset, or when the mountains are shrouded in mist.

Tip! You don’t need to go far to enjoy the serene view of the Nordkette range. A stroll through Innsbruck’s parks or crossing the Inn River bridges, like the Emile-Béthouart-Steg bridge, offers delightful views. For a truly breathtaking sight, however, visit Nordkette’s highest viewing point, Hafelekar. It offers a magnificent panorama that will make you feel on top of the world! Nordkette is an unmissable attraction for its views and easy access, which is conveniently located in the heart of Old Town Innsbruck.


Alright! I’ve shared nine beautiful sights in Innsbruck, but there’s one more you might find appealing. It’s the Innsbruck Hofburg, or the Imperial Palace. Its interior is nearly as magnificent as the Spanish Hall of Ambras Castle. Unfortunately, pictures aren’t allowed inside, so I can’t provide a preview. However, if you’ve visited Vienna’s Hofburg, which is truly amazing, you might not feel the need to see inside Innsbruck Hofburg.

If you’re interested in learning more about Innsbruck’s attractions, you can start by browsing my Innsbruck Archive or the official website of the Innsbruck Tourism Board. For an insightful exploration of the city and insider tips, consider joining a guided tour by a local. If you plan to visit many tourist attractions in Innsbruck, I recommend getting an Innsbruck City Card. Trust me, it’s a big cost saver! You can check the savings from my article about unmissable things to do in Innsbruck.

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